Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Quilt Class!!

Here are some photos of a recent quilt class. I'm teaching my whirly quilt (see the quilty tutorial page above) in different sizes. It's wonderful to see all the different colour schemes my 7 students chose for their quilts!

We've got blue and pink...

... camouflage...

Yellow and blue...

(as you can see, we're working in a library! It's in a small junior high school, cute place out in the country)

... and a few other combinations.

This lady wasn't quite happy with the pattern, so I showed her a few other layouts possible with HSTs. Boy, what a can of worms I opened! Too much choice can be a problem, we found out, but I think she enjoyed trying all the different layouts!

One of the ladies has this neat needle cushion ring - check it out!

It consists of a plastic bottle cap with two small holes drilled into it and a rubber band (hair elastic type) protruding from it (your finger goes through the loop). Into the bottle cap, you glue the bunched up edges of a fabric circle filled with batting (green plaid here). The lady edge covers up the bottle cap. Pretty handy!

A couple of my students are getting close to finishing their quilt tops. Soon we'll put on borders and start sandwiching! 5 more weeks to go... It's all so very exciting!


Leslie said...

how fun to be teaching a class on this cool pattern. i would love to see how different everyone's turns out.

Crispy said...

It looks like everyone is having a wonderful time, even the non-conformist LOL.