Friday, 3 September 2010

A Bit Of Knittery

In January, I saw some felting yarn in a store and loved the colours they had (notice that they're the kind of colours Moda often uses :)

I decided to get a couple of skeins of each and make arm and leg warmers - I'm just knitting them regular size and am not planning to felt them (you felters out there - can I hand wash them cold and there'll be no felting going on?).

I've just finished the first arm - summer is just not motivating enough to make warm clothes :) But the nights are getting cool here, below 15 C... so this will pick up, soon - plus, I've discovered the joy of audio books - no time wasted holding a book when I could move a quilting or knitting needle instead :) And as a bonus, the "movie" plays in my head, so there are no interruptions to check what's going on on the screen (I often quilt while watching a DVD). Win-win, I say!


Leslie said...

this is looks great. those are really good colors

Crispy said...

Those will be so pretty. Is felted yarn made from wool? I know nothing about wool or felting so I'm no help at all :0)