Thursday, 16 September 2010

Sleeves! Doh!

One thing I hadn't realized about the quilt show (one more week to go!!): the quilts have to be hung somehow - duh!

So for the past few weeks, I've been cursing while hand-sewing on various scraps of fabric as sleeves.

Now I wish I hadn't entered so many quilts into the show ;) (12 or so?) Luckily, many of them are baby-quilts, so they don't need sleeves, wahoo!


Nanci said...

I have a purple sort of coloured quilt that my sweetie would love to hang...yep it just needs a sleeve...little things to take our time away from the real stuff...quilting.

Leslie said...

oh do you even attach a sleeve after you have already bound and finished a quilt?

Crispy said...

A great way to use up those odds and ends of fabric!! I've never put a sleeve on before...but then I've never hung a quilt either LOL.


Quilting Queen said...

Hey Sunshine...I am working on my quilt guild to purchase 2" Bulldog clips. they fit nicely over the boards used to hang quilts and no sleeves. Start a campaign now and in a few years time you won't have to make sleeves for your quilts..

Shasta said...

Sleeves are not fun to put on. I avoid it too. I was trying to put sleeves on before binding a wall quilt, but I've bought curtain clips now so I'm not sure I will be doing sleeves anymore.

Good luck, have fun at the quilt show.

Rebekah said... aspect of quilting I have never done.

I like the bulldog clip suggestion!