Thursday, 23 September 2010


At last week's quilt guild meeting, I was talking to a fellow quilter about my bargellow attempt.

I was huffing and puffing about the tedious alignment of all the seams, and she said "You aligned the seams? But you don't do that in a bargello, you have all the seams in the middle of the adjacent squares."



So I went online and googled Bargello quilt, and my quilter friend was right!

It's quite obvious, the rows of the bargello quilts are all offset 1/2 square. Do you know how much work that would have saved me? Plus, I was a bit baffled about how steep the curved line turned out to be. Big *SIGH*!

Maybe using a pattern has its advantages to just winging it from having seen bargellos on a few internet photos???

I'm chuckling quite a bit about this new-found knowledge and my own bargello version!

Maybe I will do a full-sized one now, I just have to start fresh - can't really do one section with the seams aligned and all the others off-set!

Have you done something funny but dumb like this recently?


Leslie said...

what a bummer to find out after you did all that hard work!!! your bargello still looks good though

debbi d-w said...

I think the curve looks great. Just assume you invented a new alternate bargello technique for the ocd quilter! I was inventing my own "quilt as you go" technique & found out at the end that my pieced back had the seam face OUT!) A nice appliqued stripe solved the problem!

Pokey said...

Don't You enjoy having helpful advice? Okay, so it would've been nice to know a bit earlier, but you know now! Keep it going, you are gonna have so much more fun with the newer version...

Anne at Film and Thread said...

Who would have known that? It does make it seem like it would go awfully fast with offset seams, though.

The one you made is pretty, though. Are you going to put a backing on it and quilt it?

Crispy said...

I think your bargello is wonderful but it is nice to learn how it's really done. I learned something new too.

Nope haven't done anything goofy in a while, but then I'm safely hand quilting right now :0)


Rebekah said...

I really like how your quilt turned out!

Who knew that Bargello quilts don't have matched seams? Now you'll know for the next one, though...