Sunday, 19 September 2010

To Do This Fall

Okay, once this quilt show is over, I need to tackle a few quilts-in-progress (hmm, that could make QUIPs, I almost like that better than WIPs :) Not so much into black leather, haha!). Mostly, because some of these projects are starting to be a tad embarrassing...

So here goes, my 2010 Fall To Do list

The two biggest culprits:

(1) Disaster Triple Irish Chain (started ~ January 2009)

This quilt came together so quickly and has been collecting dust while waiting for a border and finishing ever since. At some point I considered foregoing the border, but I think that would look weird... So, onwards!

(2) Northern Solitude Baby Quilt (started ~ May 2009)

I'm not sure how much is actually left to do on this *hand-quilted* quilt, but it's not on my completed list. I might be as simple as adding a label, but first, I have to dig it out and decide to finish what ever needs finishing on it!

LESSER CULPRITS (i.e. much more recent starts, meaning started at least in 2010!)

(3) D9P Variation

To Do: easy peasy: quilt and bind - I already have the backing picked out!

(4) Free As A Bird

To Do: work up courage to try intricate whole-cloth-type-quilting in the grey background triangles. Oooh, it's on the bias, ooh, it'll stretch and puff?!? Scary!

(5) Blue String Quilt

To Do: everything, yikes! No progress on this since this picture was taken...

(6) Bargello in Yellow and Brown

To Do: decide what this will be: a baby quilt, a wall hanging, something BIGGER?

(7) Sunset on Water

To Do: same as above, but worse - it's not even baby-size yet :)

(8) Filmstrip Cafe

To Do: Decide if I like my choice of backing, then quilt and bind!

Now, the million $ question for you: Do you think I can do this before 2011 is here? Well, I hope so! It would feel so good to have all these quilts done. My only obstacle will be that I'll have about 10 more quilts started in 2010 by the time I've finished all the old QUIPs ;) And of course that working under pressure isn't half the fun...

Hmm, I like seeing all these quilt photos in one post, maybe I should do a year in review post this new years... they seem popular, anyway!


Leslie said...

i have no doubt that you could do all this before 2011....all of these tops are beautiful.

Crispy said...

I too feel you could get these all finished. Once you get determined, I've seen you whip out many a quilt :0)


Rebekah said...

QUIPS....that's perfect!

I love your nine patch on point. You're going to have a busy fall finishing all of these up!