Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Who, Me???

Remember the massive give-away Sew, Mama, Sew! had a few months back in May?

Well, of course I browsed around and found lots of cool blogs and lots of things I wanted to win. I don't know how many give-away's I entered, but hooray, I won one, at This is weird for me, as I rarely win compared to some people out there.

I think my odds were slightly improved by only having 2 other contestants. Hmm.

Either way, after emails getting lost in cyberspace and one parcel getting lost in the mail (within Canada, not even international mail!), I finally received my winnings the other day: these supercute home-made magnets:

They have fabric glued below the glass and look quite nice on my fridge. I'm not off to send my thank you photo to Wendy!


Leslie said...

what fun to get something pretty in the mail

Crispy said...

What a nice win!! It's always a shock to win a giveaway, even if there are few participating LOL.


Nanci said...

I get so confused with some of the giveaway rules, the links etc. When I won your was easy, as I just had to comment.
I'm happy for you! It's always a treat....I just won a book!

Rebekah said...

cute magnets! What a fun giveaway!