Tuesday, 21 September 2010


***Warning: this is a plea for Pakistan donations - I don't mean to preach, I'm basically stating my view points and making an appeal to consider helping out - if you're not into that kind of appeal, better not read this post :) ***

Well, we've all heard enough about the flood disaster in Pakistan in the news this summer.

I finally got off my butt and donated money to the relief effort.

I'm not sure if the US government has a similar program, but Canada is matching private donations until October 3rd - what a great way to double my impact!

Image from geogteacher.wordpress.com

I looked at the different relief organizations that work in Pakistan and participate in the "Government Matched Donations" program and decided to support the following:

Medecins Sans Frontier

SOS Children's Villages


I chose these 3 organization because I really support their work (MSF: independent medical help in sometimes scary places, SOS CV: support for orphans, abandoned children and families and UNICEF: child protection, survival and development) and because in the case of SOS CV and UNICEF, I grew up watching my grandmother and mother support these organizations, so they feel familiar.

I would like to encourage all of you to look at some relief organizations and see if their causes interest you and maybe donate some money or time to them. Some of you might already have done this, and I'm grateful that you did - I know that my contribution won't move and shake the world, but add yours and everyone else's to it, and we might just make a difference in some lives.

I just hope that if I ever need emergency relief, someone like me who can spare the money easily (I won't starve or be homeless next month after making my donations) will donate and make a difference in my life. And in some way, I feel like I'm paying my dues for having had the pure luck of being born where I was, with sufficient food (well, maybe excessive food? More than I need, anyway ;) ), shelter and education.

As a final note, this post is in no way meant to make anyone feel bad for not donating to the Pakistan Relief Fund. I know that especially quilters are extremely generous, and many of you donate quilts to local or international causes! And even if you decide against any kind of donations, that is entirely up to you - I'm merely posting this to draw attention to one of the many problems in the world!


Crispy said...

You have a good heart Christine. Though I haven't donated to this particular cause, I do support the Red Cross each month.


Rebekah said...

thanks for the reminder! It's crazy how little press this has gotten compared to Haiti