Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Hoot Hoot Greetings

I've finished appliqueing the owl to my Hoot Hoot quilt.

I'm currently searching for my big needles to embroider "ear hair" and claws. I'm getting a bit impatient to get going, so if I don't find them soon, I'll go and buy new needles.

Question for you: I also can't find my stash of embroidery yarn, do you think wool will do the trick or should I just go and buy some thicker yarn (embroidery or darning or whatever)?


Leslie said...

i don't do much embroidery or anything like that so i am afraid i will not be much help on this...but i do love the quilt top. the whole thing is amazing.

debbi d-w said...

Love this little guy!

Crispy said...

Very Cute :0) I haven't heard of anyone using wool thread for embroidery on quilts but many have used perle cotton thread, but if you have to go buy it, you might as well pick up the usual stuff. Big help I am ROFL


Unknown said...

I would use fat embroidery threads if I was you
I imagine you are hunkering down for Earl..what a date he turned out to be....be safe...here in Ontario, we will get rain of course, but diminished winds. Thinking of you.

Jocelyn said...

What a very cute applique!