Wednesday, 25 August 2010

I Love My Monkey Mechanic!!

Have to say, this turned out to be one of my favourite quilts!!!

I left off in July at this stage:

Wondering what I could do in the in between fields to not take away from the swirly pattern.

Well, after humming and hahing, I just set it aside waiting for inspiration.

It struck.

In a moment of haziness, it seems, because my inspiration was PEBBLES!

Argh. Why??? It took *FOREVER* to pebble all the brown spaces. And it, of course, used a ton of thread, blah blah blah. I have never read a single post about pebble quilting that didn't comment about the amount of thread used ;) It does seem excessive for pebbles, I admit, especially since I go around 2 or 3 times for most pebbles. And in this quilt, in the pointy bits of the 4-armed swirl, I did very tiny, 1/4" pebbles at times. Suffice it to say, I'm all pebbled out now, but I LOVE it! The polyester batting worked really REALLY well for pebble quilting - I felt like I was doing trapunto quilting without actually having to shove more batting in between the layers! But have a look yourself (and don't hold back with the comments :) Doesn't it look awesome? I'm so excited!!!)

Don't you want to jump on the little pebbles and bounce???

And check out the pebbles from the back!

And, oh my goodness, I LOVE the back too!!!

But you probably would like to see the rest of the quilt front? :)

I just want to shrink and bounce on it, from pebble to pebble, and then run and hop along the swirls... I've never had a quilt make me feel like that before - it's a teensy bit scary :)

My puffy swirls are still all there and visible:

Sigh, I could have put another 10 photos of pebbles from all different angles here, but let's not overdo it ;)

I'll leave you with the complete top - I'm off to push my fingers into pebbles again and giggle at the puffiness :) (Better than that bubble-wrap!)


Katie B. said...

WOW! This turned out fantastic! The quilting really makes this pattern shine. Excellent choice on the pebbles!

Leslie said...

oh WOW!!! this is awesome. the pebble quilting is so amazing. i am in love with how the back looks

Crispy said...

Oh Christine you have outdone yourself on this quilt!!!! It is my all time favorite of all the quilts you have made!!! I LOVE the texture!!! Well Done Girl Friend!!!!


Rebekah said...

wow! Those pebbles are a ton of work. But they are totally worth it! This quilt is amazing and the pebbles really make the green stand out. Amazing!

Nanci said...

I love the texture of this really have been working on excellence!