Monday, 31 May 2010

More Mod Sampler

I've been making great progress on my mod sampler!

I took this rather boring picture, because spreading out the batting is one of my favourite parts of quilting, especially using natural fiber batting that feels so nice to brush my arms over and that sticks to the backing fabric. Aaah.

The quilt top looks so different before it's quilted!

I finished the binding just the other day, that was a get-it-done-in-one-sitting-job... took about 3 hours, I think.

Looks just like "Oh Fransson's!"s quilt :)


Leslie said...

you make amazing quilts but this has got to be one of my very favorites. it looks so stunning and the way you quilted it everything looks great.

Katie B said...

This is a great one! Love the green and blue color combo.

Anne at Film and Thread said...

Gorgeous! You are getting to be a speedy quilter. I really love your fabric choices in this.

Crispy said...

Beautiful quilt Christine!! The colors are gorgeous!


Rebekah said...

This looks gorgeous! You did such a nice job with the quilting and binding.

Bella Linguini said...

Wow, you are fast!!! I really like how that quilt turned out.

There is something really nice about working with a natural batting.You never have to worry about it melting to your iron and it is so easy to sew scraps together when you come up short.