Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Quick Bookmark

A friend of mine had a birthday on Monday, and when I sent her birthday card last week, I wanted to throw in a little something, so I whipped up this bookmark, just a rectangle of one of my favourite fabric print, folded in half, sewn shut with some lace as tassles, turned inside out and edged in a seam. It was very quick, and also has some meaning: my friend likes frogs and amphibians, so she ALWAYS gets stuff with frogs on it - she's getting tired of that. So I wanted to give her something non-green and non-frog-related as a joke - hope she likes it.

I love how daft the sheep look!


Katie B. said...

So cute! I wish I'd seen this before I sent my mom the book I got her for Mother's Day! Next time.

Bella Linguini said...

That is the cutest fabric! I think it's a great little gift to stick inside a card.

And now I know what to do about the Mother's Day gift I couldn't come up with! I usually get my mom a book and chocolate for Mother's Day because, well, she loves chocolate and loves to read. She'd totally dig a bookmark.

Crispy said...

She's going to love those goofy sheep, maybe she'll start collecting them instead of frogs :0)