Thursday, 13 May 2010


Thought it was time for a miscellaneous update post...

Raffle Quilt
First off, if any of you are interested, tickets for my quilt guild's (Kindred Spirit Quilt Guild of Charlottetown, PEI) raffle quilt are now on sale for 2$ each or 3 for 5$ (or 30 for 50$ as I like to advertise *grins*).

If any of you are really interested in this quilt (it's King sized, about 8.5 feet square, is my estimate - I'm standing there holding one corner, my arm is up above my head and you still have the overhang past the stage. A long-arm quilter is quilting it right now, and detailed photos of individual blocks are in this post), we can figure out how I could get you some tickets - if you're outside my general travel route, shipping would be an additional cost.

Everyone is also invited to our Guild Quilt Show, held Sep 24-26 in Charlottetown (quilt will be raffled off at the show)! PEI is a beautiful place that time of year... maybe worth a visit???

President's Challenge
Next Wednesday is the day of the President's Challenge at the quilt guild, it's amazing how long excitement will last! ;) I'm planning on taking lots of pictures of the other entries!

Spring Quilt
What else have I been up to? Well, I've been quilting on the spring quilt - came up with a design for the white sashing - between that and the loops on the blue-green leave squares, there's enough quilting on this quilt to hold it together ;) Ready for binding!

Free As A Bird Quilt
I'm ITCHING to keep working on the Free As A Bird Quilt...

However, I have run out of grey fabric for reasons that will be revealed later ;) Remember, this quilt will not look like this in the end!
It's driving me crazy to not have enough fabric to keep going when I really want to be working on this quilt! I'm trying to match the shade of grey right now, as the original store (Fabricville/land of all places!) doesn't have that grey anymore... I'm going to try the Nova Scotia Fabricville next month, hopefully they still have this solid stocked, it's usually one of those staples, but the manager of the local store is as always a pain in the butt with vague answers like "Maybe we get it in again, maybe not, we're not sure". It's a solid grey fabric, it's like having butter and sugar and flour in the house :)
The little patch below is the only grey carried at my local Fabricville these days, and I tried another fabric store and they barely had ANY solids, that was a bit embarrassing, I thought ;)

Sunrise Wallhanging
And lastly, the curved piecing wall hanging embellishments...

I'm really not that happy with the beads, apart from the red ones. I'm thinking of taking the others off and adding some quilting instead! It's on the back burner...

Speaking about the back, mwahaha, here's the back of the wall hanging - all you see are the seams holding down the bias binding, the zigzagging is done on the muslin foundation on the front.

I have also been helping a friend with a quilt she's making, but it's secret because I don't know if the quilt's recipient is reading this blog...

That's what's keeping me busy, and you???


Rebekah said...

I wish I could make it out to your show in September! That quilt is gorgeous!

I also love your wall hanging...the quilting is beautiful!

Crispy said...

Goodness you have been a busy lady!! If you know the name of the grey fabric, you might want to do a search at to see if you can find it.


Anne at Film and Thread said...

You have been busy! I'm loving your wall hanging. The colors and flow of it are really beautiful and it I like the back of it, too.

Grey fabric is hard to find and trying to match one that you've already used is really tough. Good luck!