Sunday, 2 May 2010

Apples and Owls

I had been trying to decide how to quilt my apple-owl-9-patch quilt for a long time... I pieced it last July, finished the backing in November later and since then it's just been getting used to its folded-up state in the cupboard.

After reading some free-motion quilting blogs, I felt a pressure to NOT do an overall pattern but quilt something matching the 'vibe' of the quilt. Well, the vibe of a 9-patch is pretty edgy, and after all the nightmares of small square-quilting on the spring quilt, I was definitely going for curves.

I don't like stopping and starting and dealing with all the thread ends very much, so what does that leave me with? An overall design :)

Last night, I looked at this quilt, felt a big wave of "JUST DO IT" attitude coming up and quilted half the quilt with big spirals, just like I did on the brown and turquoise quilt at new year's.
I did the other half this morning, sewed on the binding that's been ready since last summer as well, hit a minor snag when I realized I had miscalculated the length of the binding by 7.5" - check out the gap in the picture below:

But I fixed that and am now half-way done sewing down the binding on the back. This quilt will be ready this weekend, yeee-haaaa! It feels gooooood! I haven't finished a big quilt in quite a while... they're all "almost ready" - not quite the satisfaction feeling I get from actually putting the last stitch in :)


karen said...

I LOVE the swirls and cirlces!!! Looks fantastic!

You've inspired me. And my aching shoulder. Just finished straight quilting and man, those threads and the stop/start nearly had me in tears. I took longer on a baby quilt than I have on anything else it seems.

Can't wait to see the quilt once the binding is finished.

Anne at Film and Thread said...

Christine, it is looking fantastic! It must feel so good to just dig in and start and come up with such a good result.

Leslie said...

this looks so great!!! i love it

Crispy said...

The swirls are perfect IMHO!! Hooray for getting 'er done too!!


Rebekah said...

What a pretty quilt! I absolutely love the swirl quilting that you did!