Thursday, 20 May 2010

President's Challenge

Last night was our monthly guild meeting and it was finally time to reveal all the President's Challenge entries!

To refresh your memory: in November, participants received a piece of red fabric that was to be incorporated into a small quilt (up to 100" circumference in any shape), primarily constructed of log cabin blocks (traditional, wonky, variations).

Last night, all guild members had a chance to vote for their favourite quilts in the following categories:

Best traditional design
Best contemporary design
Best choice of colour
Viewer's choice

In June, we will find out the winners!

I thought it'd be fun to have our own online vote, so why don't you copy the categories into the comment form and let me know what your favourites are! I'll put a number above each quilt to make it easier!

(***EDITED: Traditional vs contemporary --> this was explained to me at the guild meeting as traditional means straight/right angle edges as opposed to contemporary variations of log cabins (wonky/wavy)... the terms refer to the log cabin blocks in the quilts more so than the overall quilt.***)

Here are the entries:


















I'm so curious to see what you vote for compared to the guild's results! I'll post on that next month!

And of course, I was thrilled to see all the different entries - they were so varied, though I was surprised at several entries that also did a "log cabin in a landscape" scene :)


Crispy said...

Best traditional design 3
Best contemporary design 10
Best choice of colour 3
Viewer's choice 2

I hate voting...what's the difference between traditional and contemporary? LOL


Rebekah said...

These are all fabulous!
(and I love that your guild name is "kindred spirits" a la anne!)

Best traditional design 3
Best contemporary design 10
Best choice of colour 6
Viewer's choice 1

Rita Martine said...

You have some very talented quilters in your guild!

Best traditional: 3
Best Contemporary: 10
Best choice of Color: 2
Viewer's Choice: 17