Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Blogger's Quilt Festival

Ah, I'm so tired these days - too much computer work, but I just didn't want to miss the Blogger's Quilt Festival... so here's my last minute contribution.

The first quilt that popped into my mind (apart from the very recent quilt finishes :) is the Brown and Turquoise Quilt I made for my best friend back home.

The front

I had the idea only a short time before visiting her (shipping would have been expensive and I'd chew all my nails off worrying about the quilt being lost in the mail! Though I don't really chew my nails...). However, the blocks are 13" square, so that saved lots of time :)

The back

The quilting was also relatively quick: big BIG spirals all over the quilt. I really like how that pattern turned out and have used it again very recently.

All the colours in this quilt are favourites of the recipient, though I'm quite partial to the brown-turquoise mix myself... just not so much of a pink person :)

My friend was thrilled to receive this quilt and I know she'll treasure it - what more could a quilter ask for???


Leslie said...

this is one of my favorites that i have seen that you have made!!! the brown and turquoise is such a great color combo

erica said...

I love turquoise and brown too! I especially love the little surprise on the back, nice touch.

Lonci said...

Wonderful colors, very impressive, congratulations:)

Rita Martine said...

I love the quilt. I too love that striking combination. I have a very good friend who uses those colors a lot in her quliting, and it made me think of her immediately! Love the back. I zoomed in on the isolated circle picture, and was absolutely tickled to see the little frogs hiding behind the lily pads.

Maybe a dumb question, but I haven't done much of my own quilting... how did you do the quilting without running over the circles on the backing?

Bella Linguini said...

I was never a brown person but I've been seeing the color put to good use in quilts and I am really loving the combinations. My favorite is pink and brown and blues/greens and brown. And the colors you chose to go with the browns are fabulous! And that pink froggy print is the cutest! A+ on another great quilt!

Rebekah said...

very cute! I love the dark brown with the turquoise! What a fantastic gift for your friend.

erin lebeau said...

beautiful quilt! i love these colors too (as is evident from my entry ;))

Eileen said...

like this quilt--front and back!! and the quilting is great--love it. your friend is fortunate to have you!! thanks for sharing. wow--that picture of the snow is fantastic--saw that sort of snow in montana. we get lots of snow in the winter here in central washington but nothing like that!! come visit my site: i'm having a little giveaway this week