Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Free As A Bird Progress

Okay, so as I've been moaning and groaning about, I was out of grey fabric for my exciting Free As A Bird quilt...

Luckily, I went to another Fabricville last weekend and came back with a big haul of fabric (I ONLY wanted to buy 1.5 m of grey, but it just so happened that the solids were on sale

because the fabric was so cheap, I also ended up buying ALL the grey they had left (5 m or so I think, plus a couple of pieces).

I see many beautiful quilts in the future of this bolt :)

The reason I ran out of the grey originally is this: I told you that the quilt wouldn't look anything like the original picture (above) ;)

Well it doesn't, because I decided to set the center piece on point. Meaning, I needed very large grey triangles.

Isn't it gorgeous??? I made the border out of the left over charms and ordered them by colour to get a smooth transition between colours.

I cut that strip in half and put it around my quilt center.

The first picture has the left over grey fabric lying around the quilt border to see what it would look like with that colour arrangement. Well, I liked it, but because I cut the large grey triangles, I was left with strange small triangles of grey fabric, not enough to make all the necessary borders out of. There I thought I had bought so much fabric when I got several yards of the grey initially! Hah! Anyway, that problem is now solved, and I put the grey borders on last night.

Oh, I can do better than that, no? You can't even properly see the pattern!

Let's try that again:

I want to do some kind of coooool quilting in all the grey space. Something like Diane Gaudynski's quilting - well, an amateur version of that.. (see bottom blog roll). Though I think I should actually, for once in my life:

a) practice
b) mark my quilting lines with some kind of pen
c) practice some more
d) use a fresh needle
e) check my tension before I start

:) Anyone want to lose some money and bet that I'll do the above? But I'm starting with the best of intentions!!! Let it be recorded here :)


Katie B said...

Love the layout and all of that beautiful grey! Good luck with the quilting.

Rebekah said...

so pretty! I think this looks great on point. Glad that you were able to get some more fabric to finish the top.

Leslie said...

wow, what a transformation~!!! this looks amazing. i absolutely love the way you did that border strip with your leftover pieces.

Crispy said...

I love the on point setting!! Beautiful quilt....good thing I'm not a betting woman or I would loose LOL