Friday, 4 June 2010

Another One Like This!

This is the quilt I made last summer for a dear friend of mine - it's her therapeutic bird quilt (all birds in the diamonds) and she says she's making some progress on the hand-quilting (it's her first attempt at hand-quilting! I'll see her in July and am curious to see how she's getting along after my impromptu, middle-of-vacation/road-trip 30 min quilt lesson :)

So, this winter, I visited my grandmother and showed her my quilt album - photos of all the quilts I've made to date. There was lots of hmming and hahing and "no, I don't like that one" - she's a very VERY honest grandmother ;)

Until she came to the quilt above, suddenly there was a gushing of "Now that quilt, that's nice, I really like that, you can make me one just like it!"

With an added "Except that blue doesn't go with my wall-paper..." Guess I can make a bet on where that quilt will be going :)

So, last week I got down to business and made her a copy of the quilt, with background and border that matches her wall-paper and some non-bird fabrics to replace the very dark blues "that don't go with her wall-paper at all" :)

The border is made of the same fabric I used for my summer purse - I bought it ages ago and it makes me think of summer and my childhood (I must have been under 10 when I bought it - without any idea what I'd use it for...)

In addition to various birds, I've included mice, bugs and frogs - I think what my grandma liked most about this quilt was that it was scrappy!

And grandmas hillarious? The stuff that comes out of her mouth... I've forgiven her for dissing all my other beautiful quilts :)


Katie B. said...

Oh, goodness. I think our grandmothers should be friends! Mine would totally say something like that too. I'm sure she'll like this!

Leslie said...

how funny...those little ladies are sure honest and forward. this quilt you made her looks great.

Crispy said...

I think your gramma is going to LOVE this version of the quilt with all the wrong colors for her wallpaper LOL. I love your gramma!!!


Rebekah said...

your grandmother sounds a lot like mine! Maybe it's a sign of their age :)