Sunday, 13 June 2010

Here You Go, Grandma

Thanks for your comments about my quiet blog. To my embarrassment, I realized that it hadn't actually been THAT long since the last time I blogged! ;) I guess what I meant was that I haven't been commenting on YOUR blogs as much as I like... I sometimes schedule posts if I had a really productive phase and want to spread the bloggy-goodness out a bit, so new posts might appear here even though I'm not actually active in blog-land - I'm sure some of you have noticed the sudden avalanche of comment replies :) well, that's the reason why!

Here's an update on actual quilting, as opposed to fabric splurging.

During a weekend trip a couple of weeks ago, I sewed the binding and wall-hanging sleeves on the animal quilt for my grandma (more about they reason behind this quilt here).

I put part of a pillow case I got at a second hand shop on the back, since no one will see that side anyway. I still have the duvet cover matching the pillow case and wanted to see how that fabric looks quilted. I had bought it originally to make a whole-cloth quilt out of it, for a really really fast quilt to relax in between the intricate ones. Then I thought maybe the fabric is too faded, but I think it's okay...

As you can see, I did a simple stitch-in-the-ditch for this quilt. I considered hand-quilting it, but I'm doing a lot of that these days it seems - another reason for the less frequent blog updates, I guess. So I opted for machine and simple instead.

Now, the binding... I hummed and hahed about this for quite a while. In the end I picked a fabric I really like, but I'm not so sure it goes well with the quilt...

It's almost too orangy, or too strong for it. I could ask your opinion, and I'd love to read it but you all know I won't take the binding off again :) But hey, maybe some of your opinion will mean I make a better decision next time. And who knows, maybe some of you like this binding?

As a side note - have you noticed how when any of us blog about a quilt WE think is ugly, no one ever agrees? The comments all read "No, it's lovely, send it to me if you don't like it!". I guess the people who agree that the quilt is ugly don't comment ;)

Boy oh boy, I'm totally setting myself up for comments a la "yes, that binding is horrid!" *LOL*


Oxford Impressions said...

Hello, found your blog through Amy's quilt hop. Love your work. Added you to blogs I like to follow on my blog. Have a good week!

Leslie said...

hey it turned out great!!!

Crispy said...

I thought about not leaving a comment...just to be a stinker LOL. Actually I think the binding is just fine, in the first picture I didn't even notice it, so it fits in well. Your Grandma is going to love this quilt :0)


Rebekah said...

I really like the binding color! I think that duvet will be great as a whole cloth quilt. The cross hatch quilting looks nice on it.