Monday, 21 June 2010

Last Meeting and Vote

Last week was the last quilt guild meeting before the summer break - that means it was potluck time... so much food! Yum :)

At this special meeting, we also have local vendors bring a great selection of fat quarters - I refrained!!! (You'll find out soon why...)

Next, it was time for the grand President's Challenge Awards!

Here are all the participants holding up their entries:

And here are the four winners:

From left to right: best choice of colour, best traditional design, best contemporary design and viewer's choice.

Amazingly, you voted fairly similarly! And you covered all four winners - I'm actually quite surprised at this :)

Your votes:
Best traditional design (unanimous)

Best contemporary design (unanimous)

Best choice of colour: tied between

Viewer's choice tied between:

After the awards ceremony, we had an extensive Show & Share, here are some impressions:

This quilt was absolutely massive! Probably one of the biggest quilts I've ever seen...

And that's it for the quilt guild until September. I'm trying to get a few people together for social quilting over the summer, let's see if we can figure out our schedules enough to find meeting times ;)


Crispy said...

I hope you can get a group together, it's so much fun to have a small sewing bee. Such lovely quilts being made by your guild members :0)


Nanci said...

Wow, that's a guild with a capital "G". Lovely quilts made with love too.
I should search for a guild to join. I think I'd like to meet a few more people that quilt.
The pot luck suppers...ah the memories of youth!

Heather said...

Looks like a ton of fun! Those quilts are amazing. I wish I could find a guild around me to join. Enjoy your summer "off"! :)

Rebekah said...

your guild looks like so much fun! I love that we all picked the winners pretty closely :)