Monday, 29 March 2010

Great Wisdom In Blogland

I found this list on Gert's blog:

You know you are a quilter if...
There's more fabric in the house than food.
"Fat Quarters" are not the heaviest part of your body.
Your ironing board is always set up, but you never iron clothes.
You think of your job as an interruption on your quilting time.
You pet fabric.
People are always picking threads off of you.
You can measure a scant 1/4 by eye.
"Featherweight" doesn't mean boxer.
Your "UFOs" are not from outer space.
You clean up your sewing room and they think you are leaving.

My personal score - I'm an 85% quilter :)

Fabric vs. food - check
Fat 1/4 - check
Ironing board - check
Job - check(+ I see sleeping and eating as similar interruptions :o)
Pet fabric - check
picking threads off - check
1/4 inch measure - check
Featherweight - nope, my machine isn't one, at least it weighs a ton, and I'm not familiar with "Featherweights"
UFOs - check
sewing room clean-up - nope, I don't clean it up, which kind of makes it double-check, no? I give myself half-marks.


Katie B. said...

Ha ha! Very cute. The ironing board is 100% me. I've never used my iron so much in my life!!

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

Oh wow, how cute. I love the list, because it is so true for a quilter!

Quilting Queen said...

I have confirmation..I am 100% a quilter. It's good to know.

Bella Linguini said...

*laugh* Each one of those fits. I don't know if I should be amused or embarrassed!

Crispy said...

I'm at 100%, I had to laugh at the ironing board one, I promptly moved a shirt that Bob had put there for me to was in my way!!!


Leslie said...

this is funny. i think i could say yes to all accounts

Anonymous said...

Haha, you've got a great score here ^_^ You're a REAL quilter!

Anonymous said...

Haha, you've got a great score here ^_^ You're a REAL quilter!