Monday, 22 March 2010

Just In Time For Spring

I don't know how, but I totally missed that it was National Quilt Day on Saturday - is it a US thing only?

Well, since it was the weekend, I was working on a quilt of course, so all is safe ;)

I figured: T'is the season for pulling out year-old projects!

Like my spring quilt from 2009! Between this one and my "Apples and Owls" fall quilt, a kind of pattern is emerging: Make a seasonal top, then let it rest for a year and finish it the same season a year later!

In that spirit, I've finally jumped in the cold water and put a border on this quilt - that's really what the hold-up was: the border.

You may have noticed that I generally use fabrics from the quilt center in the borders. I've seen many quilts with totally different fabrics in the borders, but never had the guts to try that. Pick the wrong pattern/colour and the whole work of the quilt center is ruined.

But this time, I reached that point of thinking "just do SOMETHING"!

So I found some fabric that matches the light blue in one of the theme fabrics (the bluish leaves in the diagonal lines) and threw that on as border. You can see the pattern of the border print in the bottom of this photo: dark blue squares on light blue background.

I was worried it'd be too busy with the rest of the quilt, but I think it will do - too late now, anyway :) I'm not taking it off again!

I chose a green print for the backing - it made me think of spring even though it depicts wine and grapes, i.e. more fall-ish. I bought this fabric when it was on sale for 2$/m, what a steal (that's $ Can!).

See now, I always think it's outrageous how much fabric I bought in my first quilting year - meters and meters of fabric at once - but you make up a backing for a large quilt and woosh, 5 m are gone, just like that! (Imagine sound of snipping fingers).

I'm playing with some quilting ideas for this one, but I'm starting to believe that it'll actually be done in time for this year's spring (which has not arrived in Prince Edward Island! I'm so jealous of the budding flowers I see on blogs from down south!).


debbi d-w said...

your border looks terrific - and a great way to welcome spring!

quiltfool said...

Your border is nice and plays well with your other fabrics in theme and color. Sending you some spring thoughts. Lane

Anne at Film and Thread said...

I love the border that you chose. It coordinates without overpowering the center. Happy quilting!

Crispy said...

I think the border is perfect!! Such a bright and cheerful quilt.

Yep, NQD is a US holiday though I think it should be an International one and that all businesses should be closed...except quilt shops :0)


Katie B. said...

The border looks great! I don't think it's too busy at all.

Nanci said...

What? People actually use complimenting borders matching the inside of blocks you say? Sure isn't me my dear....
Your border looks good. You just have good colour sense girl.