Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Maybe You Guys Can Help

I know a lot of you collect vintage things and most of my readers are spread all over the world, so maybe someone has some tip about the following strange strange discovery I made last Sunday.

My weekend breakfasts usually include boiled eggs, I grew up that way, so I have quite a variety of egg cups.

I own 3 egg cups that I remember from when I was very little and that were purchased in Europe as far as I know.

The last one is my absolute favourite, still, and I always use it for breakfast.

Now, you can just imagine my confusion when I was doing dishes at a friend's house in Nova Scotia, a province just south of PEI, still Canada, and found myself washing the eggcup shown below.

I suffered from momentary loss of my sense of location. I must be home if I'm washing my favourite egg cup, right???

Guess not. Guess you could by the exact same eggcup in Canada as in Europe about 30 or so years ago. Apart from the gold ring around the base on my own eggcup and slightly unsteady hand by whoever painted my parent duck (the wobbly bit on the beak), these are identical.

How strange is this??? I'm going to look into this a bit more! I'm already bombarding my friend's and my own parents with questions where they got the eggcups.

I just thought, maybe these are common as dirt, otherwise it would be such a coincidence that my friend owns the same eggcup. So I'm wondering, have you ever seen an eggcup with any of the motives in the photos above?

Back to a quilty post soon!!!


amy smart said...

Those egg cups are so sweet! And what a funny little coincidence!

Also, I'm loving your string quilt blocks. I finally tried that for the first time, but it was blocks for someone else. I really want to make one for myself!! I'd love to see how yours turns out.

Crispy said...

Awww those are so dang cute. I hope you find out more info on them and let us know what you find out.


susan said...

im in usa and have never seen these before. it is downright adorable tho. is there anything stamped on the bottom? maybe heres is a later copy of the original euro one? my thinking being it doesnt have the gold and the image is more prefect and the colors richer (or is that just the photos?)

Laura said...

I'm from Washington, D.C. but my father was from Scotland. His whole family came to DC when my father was an adult. We ate eggs every day out of those egg cups - smaller on one end to put the whole egg in (small end up) and chop off the top to eat the egg out of the shell. (small spoon required!) Then turn it the other way to scoop the whole egg out of the shell and into the cup - add pieces of bread and bacon. yum... I don't know who ended up with them, but wish it had been me!