Wednesday, 24 March 2010

New Fabric

***Addendum: I did so well fabric shopping that day, you know, old fabric, second-hand prices, exchanging thread for fabric. But I just got lured in by this store-section: there goes my fabric budget, I've got about 7 charm packs coming my way now - oh, but they're beautiful!!! ***

I'm trying really really hard not to buy fabric. I need to use up some first.

To my defense, I haven't been to any fabric stores, except when I returned 4 useless spools of invisible thread after my disastrous attempts at quilting with the stuff. In exchange, I got these two fat quarters:

The top one will become a purse most likely, the bottom one I want to make into a lap quilt for work - wouldn't you love to dream of vacation on an island while typing away on the computer in the office?

Then, I was on the hunt for purse handles. It appears that PEI does not stock these, none of the stores that sell crafty stuff had any or any that I liked. Lots of bamboo full circles, but they don't work well with my style of purse. I also saw some with plastic beads on metal wire - gaudy! So I'll have to shop in Nova Scotia for the bamboo semi-circle ones that I used for my own purse, or I have to shop online. I know Joann's has a huge variety of them, but they only ship to the US. Now I need to check whether there's a Joann's where I'm going to a conference in April...

Anyway, I checked in the second hand stores to see if I could find a cheap purse with handles I like - nothing. But I found these sheets and pillow cases that'll come in handy as quilt backings and placemats (a project from my quilt guild for the local soup kitchen.).

So I didn't really spend a lot of money on fabric... does that count??? :)


Leslie said...

i love that green floral sheet you picked up. very pretty and they make such great quilt backs.

quiltfool said...

I love the piece you're going to make into a purse. And, I love that olive and white piece that looks like drunkard's path blocks too. And, hey, if you didn't spend much, you're way ahead. Lane

Crispy said...

I too love the piece that you plan for a purse. Since the fat quarters were purchased with money already spent, you did an excellent job of sticking to your fabric budget :0)


Crispy said...

After reading the e-mail you sent, I had to come back to see what happened. Oh I'm VERY jealous, I LOVE charm packs LOL. Thank you for not putting in a clickable link LOL.


Nanci said...

Whenever I drive by the goodwill I know that I'm passing up some fabulous sheets or pillowcases. Yours are fabulous.