Friday, 2 April 2010

Did You Know...

... you're not supposed to quilt on Sundays???

At the last quilt guild meeting, one of the sew-and-tellers mentioned that she bought the fabric on Mon, pieced the quilt on Tuesday, basted it by Thursday and then quilted it Fri, Sat, and Mon, but not on Sunday - because one of her clients once told her:

"Every stitch you put in on a Sunday you pull out with your teeth in hell"


The whole room went quiet and then burst into laughter, because the notion is ridiculous of course! For example, I only have time to really quilt on weekends when I don't have to work, so my productivity would be cut in half if I followed the above motto.

It was such a stunning, somewhat scary prediction to hear, especially amongst those lovely quilt ladies, I think we all laughed to release the pressure ;)


Pokey said...

No sewing on Sunday was our house rule, but, My dad did not allow us to sew (which was an every day activity) because the Bible taught us to rest on Sunday. Somehow, that did NOT apply to cooking dinner, or doing the dishes, or the load of laundry that needed to be done. I stood my ground when I got older, because it was creating, and I considered God wouldn't mind if I found it restful-!
:-} pokey

Leslie said...

very funny!!!

Quilting Queen said...

Interesting. My mother in law got upset when she saw me knitting on a Sunday and my parents would not allow us to play cards on Sunday. Makes you wonder where all the old sayings came from. I imagine I will roast in hades for doing my laundry on Sundays...comes from when I was a working mom with 2 teenage daughters. One did her laundry on Monday, the other on Tuesday. If I wanted clean clothes for work(mon to Sat) I did it on Sunday.