Thursday, 29 April 2010

More Purses

My summer purse now has some friends :)

I tried the new handles I bought recently and liked them both, especially the black one.

I used that one to make a black and white purse for a friend of mine - just in time for her birthday.

I'll have to adjust the strap size for the black handles just a little bit because the openings are smaller.

The D-shaped bamboo handles were okay too - I like their look, though I did have to attach the straps a bit better because the handle would slide ride through them and turn around etc.

I also played with snaps - these are really tight, so I need to work a way to get them looser or attach them on stronger fabric - I'm worried that repeated pulling on the bag edges to open the snap would lead to torn fabric...

These are so much fun to make! I especially love the moment when I turn the whole affair inside out and suddenly that flat thing is a purse!


Crispy said...

Oh those are all so pretty!! Your friend is going to love her black and white one!!


Joan said...

My gosh - you HAVE been productiove - they are great - I have always found purses are difficult.

Rebekah said...

cute bags! It looks like you're putting the handles you bought to good use!