Saturday, 17 April 2010

Quilting Jamboree

Last Sunday, I attended a Jamboree put on by my quilt guild.
There were a whole bunch of classes that weekend, and I was interested in three of them, but they overlapped, so I couldn't take the hollow cubes one:

Even though it was really popular - the largest class by far! (all the quilters are at lunch, but you see the sea of sewing machines!)

Here they're back from lunch :)

Instead, I took curved piecing. The two blocks hanging up were the patterns we could learn (choice of one). I decided to do the bottom one as it leaves more room for imagination than the leaves, in my mind. The table in front of the display was the teacher's work station and she brought a ton of fabric with her in case we didn't have a specific shade and to show what's out there - they were all batiks because she loves those.

Here's a close-up of the pattern I chose, it's called Sunrise by Lorraine Torrence.
If you click on the link, you can see the colours Lorraine chose, the ones shown here are from our teacher.

Here you can see some of the embellishments our teacher did on her piece.

One of the other students did the leafy pattern in these colours, pretty, eh?

Another version:

I'll show you my piece in the next post! I'm still working on the embellishment, but I actually finished it (except for the hand stitching of the binding) in class, frost scratch, so that was pretty cool!

I wish I had pictures of all the different pieces, because it was amazing how the different fabric choices resulted in totally different feelings conveyed by each piece! Hopefully the others will bring their pieces to the April guild meeting!


Crispy said...

Wow beautiful blocks!! I can hardly wait to see yours!!


Leslie said...

wow, those are so intricate! i can't wait to see yours. that hollow one is amazing.