Tuesday, 13 April 2010

The Big Wash Day

So, I'm still going on about washing quilts! I'm just so paranoid that I will give a quilt away or sell it and the new owners have a bad surprise in the first wash.

So after washing my first baby-quilt last fall and figuring out that washing on hot doesn't seem to do harm in terms of shrinkage, I clenched my eyes shut and took the plunge - or rather, the quilts did. I also decided that young parents are not going to wash quilts separately with all the washing they have to do, so I threw all of my baby quilts in the wash together - I know DARING! I trusted that my pre-washing habit would prevent any dyes from running!

They came out just fine and are now neatly lined up on the rack to dry... Now at least I know that they won't be doll-quilts when their new owner washes them the first time!


Crispy said...

The first washing is always a tense moment for me too. It's always so lovely when the come out unharmed LOL.


Leslie said...

i would have been so nervous!! brave lady! glad that they came out ok.

Bella Linguini said...

I pre-wash mine also before I give them away. I like to test for durability and make sure the dye doesn't bleed out since I don't pre-wash my fabric before quilting. Plus, I just think it looks nicer when the quilts are all soft and crinkly.

Unknown said...

Oh I not only wash the quilts, I also throw them in the dryer. That way, you know how anyone else will use them.
I do wash in cold water, and dry on medium only.
I love the look of washed and dried quilts. it's how they will be used especially kids quilts.

Cheryl Arkison said...

To lessen some of the nerves see if you can find Shout Color Catchers. I don't wash a quilt without it because I only prewash half the time.