Thursday, 25 June 2009

Summer Dress For This Year???

Last Saturday, I decided to work on my summer dress.

I laid out all the pieces I've cut. Looks nice, no?

I read the instructions again. Very confusing still.

Then I walked to the machine to start sewing, but I realized that I was going to use polyester thread for this dress, I think it's supposed to be sturdier than 100% cotton? And because right now, the wedding quilt takes priority, I decided against switching threads and threading bobbins and that was the end of my dress making for the day...

Some people have indicated I need a second machine. I pointed out that I don't even have a good table for my first machine, nor do I have the space for said good table. So the answer is: The dress has to wait!

I am planning to wear this dress this summer, though! :)


Nanci said...

UMMMM! I never worry about thread except that it should be sturdy enough to hold the dress together for one summer at

Crispy said...

Like Nanci said, thread isn't really an issue other than using thread with the same content like, poly for poly fabric, cotton for cotton fabric, and really it isn't THAT big a deal. I think you are just a bit scared...go for it, you just might enjoy dress making.


Anonymous said...

Your blog is great! As for the second machine...I have 3 at my house, the one I use, the one my mom gave me that I intend to use, and a 1912 red eye singer that she also gave me for my graduation. They all work but I just don't think it is practical to switch from machine to machine. And I'm like you, I don't have the space. Someday I will have the space for those three, plus the other 3 antique machines that are in her storage.