Sunday, 7 June 2009

A Bit Of Fabric For The Soul

Saturday I was out and about running errands and I came very close to a fabric shop, so I thought, why not pop in. After all, I hadn't been shopping for fabric in ages, or so I thought (it turns out I didn't by anything for 2.5 weeks - a record for 2009, albeit a tiny one).

So after priding myself on being fabric-frugal while walking to the store, I felt just a little bit silly when I walked out with 50$ worth of fabric. How does this happen? But in true fashion, I took my treasures to a near-by beach, listened to my favourite radio show (about advertising methods used in radio and TV ads) and unwrapped my the bundles I had purchased to admire all the colours and patterns!

Here's what I got: I finally found some more black and white fabrics that I could live with! I've been planning to do a belated quilt along with Oh Fransson's Mod sampler, and I like the colour scheme that was used in the example quilt. It was my first chance to make something nice with black and white fabric. However, black and white around here seems to involve tiny florals or really coarse-woven, not very nice cottons.

The top three are Saturday's purchases, the bottom three are former lucky breaks.

The store also had several fat quarter bundles for sale. They were a really good deal: 8 fat quarters for 13$ so about 6.50$/meter. All their bolt fabrics sell for 9$/meter. How can I say no to a good deal?

Some of the pinkish fabrics go really well with a set of prints I've been laying aside for a future quilt, all warm reds, pale magentas and burgundies...

I thought I'd try some close up shots, as I've admired them on other blogs. I like how the fabric by itself becomes an artform.

Loved the luminescence in these bubbles!

And I bought half-meters of a couple of fabrics I liked, the bottom one will definitely be a nice addition to a baby quilt in the future.

In total, my stash had these additions:

Pretty fabrics = happy me :)


karenfae said...

good choices :) that is why I stay away from fabric stores most of the time and do not seek them out unless I need fabric for a project - because I can never go in and look and touch and feel without leaving with $25 to $100 worth of fabric!!

Crispy said...

Ummm 2.5 weeks isn't exactly ages but I'm old and time passes much more quickly for me than it would for a young filly like you LOL. Your fabric is just wonderful and you really got a great deal on them....I'm envious :0)


Cristin said...

Lovely fabrics! I also adore Elizabeth's black & white mod sampler (Teal sashing, right?) and I plan on making one someday! Along with a 9-patch quilt, and about 8 other designs... so much fabric, so little time! ;-)