Friday, 12 June 2009

My Week In Brief

A whole week without any quilt photos, that's just not right!

I thought for once, I would finish a quilt before posting about it, so what I'll give you here is just a little pre-view of my week's worth of work, and I was hard at it.

Another baby quilt, I call it the Wheely Quilt :)

As you can see, I didn't just stipple it! I wanted the wheels to pop out, and I think my quilting worked quite nicely for that.

It's going to come with me this weekend for the binding part and securing the loose threads.

Also, I am getting near the end of my wedding quilt and have been busy working on a massive tutorial about how I made it! It'll be there by July, that's for sure!

Lastly, I failed my next step at Fabric Shoppers Anonymous and am back to simply acknowledging that I am addicted to fabric. I forget who it was that mentioned the fat quarter shop, I wish you hadn't! (No I don't!) After an initial shopping cart of over 100$, I managed to triage back to my favourites, including these selections from the Apple line by Timeless Treasures, plus one example of a Kaffe Fassett fabric that caught my eye (bottom right).

My fabric shopping record so far seems to indicate that I love Moda and Timeless Treasures! Good to know for my next shopping sprees.

I also got another meter of my favourite sheep fabric at

They only sell one meter at a time as it is on sale, otherwise I would buy all of it (only 2m remaining).

Oh, and my pink quilt will be finished this weekend, that's the goal! Then I'll take some photos of the whole thing in all its glory - well, as soon as the rain stops.

Happy weekend to you all!


Crispy said...

OMGosh Sunshine I just love your Wheely and Bento (I think thats the pattern you mentioned) quilts. I have to say the Wheely one is my fav but I'm partial to any block with pointy parts but the other is running a close second just based on your excellent fabric choices. Well Done my girl!!

LOL, I just looked up and yep it's Bento Box, says so in the label list.

Heather said...

Beautiful, beautiful. Have a great weekend!

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

Christine, I love how your Wheely quilt turned out. And the Wedding one is fantastic. Looking forward to your tutorial :-) You doing great!!