Monday, 29 June 2009

MODA Misnomer

So all along I've been blogging about my Wildflower Serenade baby quilt when in fact the fabric line is Northern Solitude - Wildflower Serenade was the other charm pack I bought that day.
I'll edit the previous posts to get that right!

Aside from that little blip, it's been hot here! Hot hot hot! I ended up going to the beach Friday night and took the wedding quilt with me to work on the binding. It was difficult to position the bulk away from the sand and me, as a queen size quilt is very warm of course. When the bugs got too pesky, I headed home. I'm still trying to get used to the fact that the sun doesn't set at 4:30pm any more ;)

Pictures of the wedding quilt will come later this week, but I think I'll have it finished in time - have to :)

Back to the baby quilt. I've been hand quilting on it while on the phone and watching movies when I needed a break from the wedding quilt.

Right now, I'm just outlining every square. I'd like to take a hand-quilting course to improve my technique. I just had one rudimentary lesson in my evening class last fall, but we didn't learn anything other than "Make a knot at the end when you start and then go up down up down through the material". Hmmm...

On a couple of blocks, I've started outlining some of the pattern as you can see below, to give the blocks more structure. [oops, had to take a picture where the corners don't line up... ;) ]

Saturday evening, it was beautiful again, but too hot in my apartment, so I headed out to a nearby park, quilt and book in tow. It was great working on a small quilt outside; I switched between the book and the quilt and spent two lovely hours outside!


Crispy said...

I think your quilting is just fine. Really it's not much more than what your described, it just takes lots and lots of practice. You will then develope your own rythme.


Cristin said...

Lovely hand-quilting! I've got a queen sized quilt from husbands Great-grandma and its ALL hand quilted, and its probably 60 years old. Its frayed and well-worn - but the quilting has stood the test of time! Well done :-)

Anonymous said...

Your stitches look awesome! I'm a hand quilter too. I love it. You're doing some really fantastic work.