Friday, 19 June 2009

Interrupted Borders on the Northern Solitude Baby Quilt

Remember this quilt???

I was so excited when I found a MODA charm pack at my local quilting store, I bought it. I decided to just turn it into a simple patchwork baby quilt, and it's been sitting, fully assembled, on a storage rack ever since early May.

Tuesday, I got home feeling blah and lethargic.

There was a pile of dishes to do, dinner to cook, and I didn't want to do any of it. So I started working on the bento box wedding quilt, because I really HAVE TO! The wedding is on July 4th. I admit I don't really like the pressure of a quilting deadline, but it was my own choice to make a wedding quilt in a month.

It was actually okay, quilting got me enthusiastic for just about everything else! After a couple of hours of working on borders for the quilt, I dug out the Northern Solituded [previously referred to as Wildflower Serenade] quilt and chose borders for it. Tricky business, as I didn't have any matching MODA fabrics.

I found a light blue and patterned green in my stash that I liked in combination with the quilt. I changed my mind three times about the border design, and am really happy with what I settled on!

I'll call them interrupted borders :) The blue strip is 1" finished, the green amoeba (as I think of this fabric as) border is 3.5" finished.

I learned from my Wheely Quilt and thick seams, so I pressed the seams around the little 1" square flat.

So in total, this quilt consists of a 35 piece charm pack, with 1" solid inner border and 3.5" green outer border. That brings me to my normal baby quilt size of approx. 30x40". I've got a rose-coloured flanel picked out for the back, which I guess delegates this quilt to the baby girl pile, but it's such a nice colour and matches the rose on the front, so the decision is made!

I'll be working away on this quilt whenever I get sick of bento boxes :)

I actually have a feeling I might hand quilt this one!!!

PS: oh, by the way - working on these quilts on Tuesday re-energized me to the point that I did dishes, made a casserole and baked cookies for a pot luck at the quilt guild, so thanks to quilting for keeping me going on a blah day! Does quilting ever do this for you??


Crispy said...

Oh I love your blue interupted's just perfect. In answer to your question, nope, when I quilt that's all I want to do. I do dishes in the morning while reading blogs and e-mails...slow dial up give a body lots of time to do chores too LOL.


Heather said...

It looks cute all put together.