Sunday, 13 December 2009

Baby Batik 9-Patch Part 2

I'm glad you guys liked the free-motion designs I blogged about so far! Here are the next few designs I tried on the batik 9-patch baby quilt.

This one makes me think of blown glass, and it's called...

"Flowing Glass"

I'm glad there wasn't a spider on the web as well - I hate spiders!

"Spider Web"

Maybe something useful for a Christmas quilt???


"Shadow Waves"

I love the look of this one, though it doesn't make for a soft quilt - very dense quilting and time consuming!
"Pebbles in a Stream"

"Basic Spiral"

Which one do you like best so far?


Crispy said...

Hmmmm I really do love them all but the poinsettia is really pretty!!


Katie B. said...

Well, stomach lining is definitely my favorite name! But I love the way the basic spiral looks.

Pokey said...

I like the flowing glass and the basic spiral. I also like that you are trying something I've been curious to try, watching Leah has been a learning challenge for me. And you are putting foot to prayers, so to speak. Good work!

Shasta said...

This is a beautiful quilt, and a great idea to showcase the different kinds of quilting. I plan on working on my free motion quilting next year. I was thinking of making a plain quilt with squares, but now I'm thinking a nine patch would be better.

Leslie said...

i love the pebbles in a stream but that looks like it might be pretty difficult. the basic spiral and the shadow waves are also lovely.

Anne at Film and Thread said...

They are all beautiful, but my favorite is the flowing glass because it looks lighter than the others!

quiltfool said...

I think flowing glass would be my favorite to make, but poinsetta and pebbles in a stream are my favorite to look at. You're doing a fantastic job. I promise to share some of mine when I get to that point. Lane