Saturday, 19 December 2009

Rainbow Stacked Coins Completed :)

For baby quilts, Ginny's quilt hanging methods works really well!

Too bad there isn't much natural light by the time I am home to take photos! Leave in the dark in the morning, come home in the dark after work...

I tried to brace the camera on a chair to get shots without the flash so that you can see the quilting.

And as an aside, isn't it just perfect to curl up on the couch, with some freshly baked cake, a glass of milk and a really really good book?

The cake was still warm when I started eating it, but it was so good that I ignored my grandma's voice in my head warning me that warm cake gives you tummy ache. Well, she was right! But it was still worth devouring a third of the cake while the chocolate chips were partly melted!


karenfae said...

I love warm cake - the quilt looks nice.

Leslie said...

the coins quilt looks so great...i love the wave you did on the border. i just did a wave on a quilt i made but yours looks far far nicer...cake looks very tasty. i wish i had a yummy treat and a glass of milk

Crispy said...

Never heard that warm cake gives you a tummy ache...I may have to test that theory LOL.


quiltfool said...

Another finish! Good for you. Your cake looks yummy. Lane