Friday, 18 December 2009

Modified Log Cabin Quilt Completed!

This was a great moment: The last 8" of border to be quilted. What a feeling :)

I finished the binding in a day-long marathon session, added the label and tried to pick as many loose threads off as I could. They seem to be coming out of nowhere, I swear, I can still find threads on quilts I've already checked over 5 times!

I tried my new quilt-hanging method - but it wasn't big enough as you can see. Oh well, you'll see more of the quilt here than on the previously posted bed-photo anyway :)

The recipient loves it which makes me very very glad ;)


Crispy said...

Well of course she loves it, it is just beautiful!!!


Cristin said...

What an accomplishment! Big quilts are something to be celebrated! I wrestled one to completion this past weekend... man I'm worn out!
Well done!