Monday, 21 December 2009

Brown and Turquoise(ish)

Some of you might have heard me complaining about not being able to find dark brown materials. The brown fabric I blogged about last week is actually destined for this project here, though it's almost too light!

I don't remember where I got the idea for this pattern, I saw a quilt like this somewhere a long time ago and started figuring out some math last month. This quilt will be for one of my best friends, who just loves turquoise. She also loves pink, but I didn't want to mix the two - maybe one of you will be brave enough for that ;)

As you can see, I've got 3 dark browns right now, but I'm expecting a couple of prints in the mail and hopefully the fabric from last week will work in this quilt. The turquoise/blue prints will add variety, if nothing else!

I love love love brown, and especially together with turquoise. The way this quilt is shaping up, it's a good thing I like my friend so much, or I couldn't part with the quilt :)

The plan is to have this quilt done by January 10th, haha, crazy, I know :) Not like it's my only project till then...


Cristin said...

Oh I adore turquoise and brown together! This is going to be a gorgeous quilt! Good luck to you for Jan 10th!

Leslie said...

oh my these all looks so pretty...the color combination is amazing. i can see why this is going to be hard for you to part with. the pattern is amazing. i love it

Crispy said...

This is going to be another striking quilt. If it's not done in time you can do what I have done MANY times, give it then take it back to finish LOL


prashant said...

they were cute before they were done and they are even better now.

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