Wednesday, 2 December 2009


I have some news!!!

I managed to get a spot at the Farmer's Market to sell my quilts today and I've been spinning in circles since I found out on Saturday, getting ready for the big event!

I decided 6 quilts for sale is not enough, so...

I made two more on the weekend :) There both floating coin patterns like the burgundy one I've made before (see side bar) and I had the 'coins' already cut out - very convenient!

Version 2 (after version 1 in burgundy): Moss Green

Version 3: Navy

I think this is the first time I've actually repeated an exact pattern - gosh, it goes a lot faster without figuring out the measurements!!!

*Grins*, now I have triplets of this quilt:

So, please keep your fingers crossed that my first business venture is successful!

I have two more quilts that are ready apart from the binding, namely the batik 9-patch and the rainbow stacked coins (see side bar). I'll blog about those later this week! The quilting - especially on the batik quilt - turned out just wonderful!

I'm so excited, I'm hopping on the spot!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Nichole said...

congrats on the farmers market spot! that's exciting! i really like the variegated thread you used on the navy one. good luck on selling your quilts! :)

Katie B. said...

Fantastic! Good luck. I love the triplets. The green is my #1 favorite.

Anne at Film and Thread said...

So exciting! The quilts would make great Christmas presents so I will be hoping that you have good success! They look fantastic!

Karen said...

Beautiful quilts! love the colours!

Pokey said...

These are cute, best of luck on sales!

Crispy said...

I wish you a very successful business adventure. Who knows you might even get some commission work out of it :o)


Leslie said...

how do you do that? 3 in a weekend is amazing