Friday, 11 December 2009

The Monster Quilt

The blocks for the modified log cabin quilt are together:

The borders are on:

The backing is complete (and taped to the floor) - made from all the left-over pieces after I finished the quilt top blocks:

And as of Wednesday, the quilt is basted and I get the use of my living room back!

This quilt is big. Too big for my living-room as it turns out. The chairs had to go, the couch had to be moved, I had no room to move once the quilt was on the floor. It measures around 97 x 108" plus all the extra backing/batting attached to it while it's pinned on the floor.


I've also run out of pins.

I don't even think this quilt is that much bigger than the bento box wedding quilt (I think that was around 80" x 100"), but holy cow, my memory doesn't seem to last long enough to remember my struggles from May ;)

Now I'm off to quilting it!


Leslie said...

it may be huge but it is amazing!!! it looks so beautiful

Anne at Film and Thread said...

That looks fantastic! I really love how some of the blocks have a little surprise in the innermost part of the block and the colors are wonderful.

Crispy said...

Wow that is one stunning quilt!! I don't envy you having to quilt it though :0)


Anonymous said...

That quilt turned out just beautifully! But I agree that's a bear!

Katie B. said...

Gorgeous! I think the backing turned out great. Are you quilting this on your regular machine? That makes my arms tired just thinking about it. :)

Katie B. said...

P.S. Love the color palette.