Friday, 10 December 2010

End Of Year Challenge Progress

Well, if you've followed the changes in the list on the right, you'll see that I've made some headway in the end-of-year-challenge I set myself this fall.

3 quilts are done, phew...

... and I recently had a spurt of basting motivation, which means after basting the BrownGellow, I also whipped up a backing for the Free As A Bird quilt and basted it.

I had planned on basting the Disaster Quilt as well, since I finally finished the borders on it, but ran into yet another disastrous problem; so it's once again out of sight out of mind in a corner. I was close to getting rid of that quilt twice now! More about that later (when I'm in a really good mood, so that after writing it I'll still be in a mediocre mood)!

I'm still staring at the Sunset on Water piece, figuring out what to do with it. I'm pretty sure it'll stay a small size, but that's all I know for now :)

Oh, and I can guarantee that the blue string quilt won't be done, and I probably won't tackle quilting the Free As A Bird quilt this year either. Oh well, it was an admirable goal, haha!

And I did of course start 3 new quilts and finish one of them, so maybe that'll make up for the unmet goals? :)

How are your plans for finishing up projects before 2011 going?


Crispy said...

I think you did fantastic getting 3 quilts completely done. I think it's a rule that if you get one done you have to start another one. You have to keep the world balanced :0)

I got all but two of my goals done but thinking I was going to get two large quilts hand quilted in one year was unrealistic LOL.


Anne at Film and Thread said...

The way to not have projects left to finish up is to not start anything! You are really doing well to get so much done. It seems like making the top goes fast, but then it's the basting, quilting and binding that take a while.

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

I am afraid that all of my projects got put on hold when I had my fall in August. Actually EVERYTHING got put on hold. But I am slowly getting back into sewing and quilting. You've had a great year.