Sunday, 19 December 2010

Fabric Art x 3

#1: A Quick Pillow
I'm visiting some friends for Christmas, and one of them has a birthday just before the holidays, so I whipped up this pillow with my half-pillow tutorial (see Crafty Tutorials).

#2: Fabric Art
I have a two foster children through PLAN International - you foster a child with a monthly sponsorship and the money is used to improve living standards/safety/education etc. in the child's village.

One is a girl in Kenya and I sent her some colourful fabric art for Christmas:

As you can see, I practiced some more feathers ;)
It's also reversible!

Hope she likes it and that it adds a bit of colour to her room - in all her pictures, everything is brown, clothing, landscape etc.. it was fun to make and I hope she likes it.

Oh, it was also my first time making round corners... well. I guess bias-binding makes a big different on rounded corners!!! Next time I'll be smarter... strips cut on the grain just don't stretch well around the corner!

#3: Framed Fabric
And another fabric-gift for my bird-loving friend (same recipient as the magnetic message board):

This used to be a framed mirror, but the mirror broke and I kept the frame for about 4 years thinking I could use it for something "some day". Well, it was time to make true on that promise, so I glued fabric around the backboard, plopped it back into the frame and tada - how much simpler yet effective can you get?

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Crispy said...

All the gifts are wonderful!! I'm sure they will all feel the love in them :0)