Sunday, 5 December 2010

Here, Chicky Chicky

Looky here! It's pretty much ready! (Binding still to do)

I once again couldn't get myself to do an overall-quilting-pattern, so it's turned into more of a free-motion sampler :)

Thought I'd share the different styles I used with you:

A free-motion grid! I didn't do too bad with the lines, eh? I did mark them with a disappearing marker (pink, from Singer - it kind of disappears faster than I can quilt, actually), but I only had that idea *after* I started the first line and didn't want to take the quilt back out and start the line again, haha! So I marked the grid very awkwardly and somewhat haphazardly with a ruler while the quilt was in the machine (meaning I didn't have a very even surface underneath). The lines are about 3/4" apart. I kind of like the grid look, though this block reminds me of an oven mit - they must use that pattern a lot! :)

This was the easiest block, I just outlined the printed squares...

Feathers and loops (easier to see on the back, which means this was a great piece for practicing! Who says you can't practice on a real quilt????)

McTavishing on the opposite side:
And of course: PEBBLES!!!

I love this fabric, the bead curtain - so 70s! I went along with the pattern and did some connecting lines between beads of the same colour.

Concentric circles around these green rings that fell in the brown water:

This one was fun - I kind of just put the needle down, get an idea and go for it. So maybe these could be invisible plumage on the chickens???

And I guess the brown dotted block didn't photograph well - it has one big spiral on it, but didn't show up well in my lighting.

I love being at the binding stage of a quilt again. I love hand-stitching the binding. I know many people don't. Too bad, we could trade off unwanted tasks!


Happy Cottage Quilter said...

Very cool quilt. I do love how you personalized each block. Very unique and stunning.

Anne at Film and Thread said...

Great quilting on this! It really accents each block. I love the beaded curtain kind of fabric.

Crispy said...

A really pretty quilt....again :0) I love how you quilted each block different, to suit the style of the block. Love It!!


Bella Linguini said...

I'd love to know whose fabric prints those are. The browns and blues are just too lovely for words.

My mom made me a simple quilt with those colors (and some green) and I never thought I'd like brown for myself until I saw it. And now your quilt with those colors! The prints and colors look so warm and inviting!