Tuesday, 14 December 2010

A Magnetic Message Board

The Moda Bake Shop (in my reader list) recently published 8 things to make from a layer cake or something like that. One crafty item was a magnetic message board made from a stove cover. It worked pretty well - I craft-glued fabric to the cover, folded the fabric over the edge and was generous with glue on the inside of the rim. Made a bunch of matching magnets and attached a loop (ribbon glued to the inside of the rim) to hang the whole contraption. Fairly quick! Though I learned to make sure to use good magnets or they don't hold anything up!!


Crispy said...

Cute idea Christine :0)


Quiltbenaco said...

Grazie per la visita,
Ti auguro di riuscire a portare a termine anche questo progetto, vedrai non รจ difficile....
Ciao Domenica