Sunday, 5 December 2010

Bargello Update - Are You Ready???

Well, my little brown yellow bargello is now called BrownGellow and is not so little anymore...

It grew from this little experiment:

To this bedsized quilt!

I'm very happy with how this turned out, and I took lots of photos of the process, so will put up a tutorial soon for those of you who'd like to try a bargello of your own!

For not having used a pattern, I ran into amazingly few problems :) (mostly to do with me mixing up colours, sigh, here comes the seam ripper!) I also discovered that when I make one section of a seam-heavy quilt in the summer and the other sections in the winter, my 1/4" seam allowance is quite difference - which totally sucks when trying to match seams. I was pretty inventive with my cosmetic quilt surgery! :) And in the end, no one can tell! Hah

I've decided to quilt it first and then put the borders on, since I'm expecting a bit of shifting during quilting, so it's basted to an oversized backing and batting right now!


Anne at Film and Thread said...

Wow! That is amazing - and no pattern?! It is really gorgeous. Are you keeping it for yourself? After so much work, I hope so. How are you going to quilt it? It is just so beautiful!

Katie B. said...

Incredible! Great name.

Crispy said...

WOW Christine it turned out soooo beautiful!! I can hardly wait to see how you decide to quilt it :0)


Bella Linguini said...

Gorgeous!!! How are you planning on quilting the top? That may be too pretty to use, you should hang it on the wall!