Saturday, 3 October 2009

Okay, Back To Quilting

My last visitor has left, the dining table has been reverted to quilting and a good thing that was... because...

I finished the quilting on the burgundy floating coins (stippling) and on my friend's character quilt (pebbles) and sewed on the machine part of the bindings.

Sorry, no pics of anything today. They'll come in a week, when the bindings are sewn on both quilts! And then I'll also be properly back to quilting and blogging! Promise :)

My quilting class is going great by the way - I only have 4 students, but that's a good first class size and I have lots of time to spend with each student. Next class we'll start sewing 9-patches, so very exciting ;)


karenfae said...

have fun with teaching your class.

Crispy said...

Don't worry about being absent from quilting and blogging, we all know that life gets in the way of our play time LOL.


Nanci said...

Well I for one can't wait to see the finished products. Yeah, I know what happens to one's life when something gets in the way of quilting.
For me right now it's the cool weather and keeping warm.
I'm working on the nine patch with Amandajean and hope to have it finished this week.
I'm not going to do nine patches for a while.