Wednesday, 21 October 2009

I've Been Hit Again (of Soft Quilt Part 2)

By inspiration...

I found a new, very cool blog called Film and Thread and this post in particular showed a cool cool quilt. I thought that I'd like to try what I call an unbalanced design, where there either isn't a pattern or it doesn't continue over the whole quilt.

So I came up with this - I called it "Imagination 1" as I'm obviously planning #2, #3 etc as well :)

In my mind, I saw a white background with maybe blues, turquoises and browns, or maybe a MODA charm pack for the circles, for which I've found a tutorial here.

However, the decision was difficult until I remembered my 'soft' fabric!

I blogged about this AGES AGO! Way back when I first started. I loved the fabric for its soft feel, even though it's just normal 100% cotton. The fabrics aren't purely one colour though, the green for example has some orange threads woven in, it gives the fabrics much more vibrancy (more than you can probably detect on the photos :).

Anyway, this was to be the fabric for "Imagination 1" and I went about chop-chop-chopping :)

The whole thing was a figure-out-while-you-go project, mostly fun, sometimes frustrating, and it ate up my entire weekend, but gosh, that quilt needed to get out of my system!

I very nearly ran out of blue, I have a few 6" pieces left over, but that's it. I had hoped for the quilt center to be much bigger, but really wanted the blue as background.

At this stage, it measured about 40" x 50", but I'm putting light green (4" wide) and dark green (6" wide) borders around it, so it'll get up to a decent lap quilt size.

Even just the center was bigger than the current lap quilt I'm using, which is just a teensy bit too small for my likes.

I'm very very excited for this quilt to get finished. I have lots of green fabric left for the backing, and this soft quilt will be mine and mine alone!


karenfae said...

how very unique this is - good job!

Anne said...

That is beautiful and amazing!!!! I love the woven effect and the one orange circle. Absolutely fantastic! I would love to make one like yours!

Anne (

Crispy said...

Beautiful!!! Just Beautiful!!!


Katie B. said...

I love where you're going with this! Can't wait to see how it turns out.

Nichole said...

so i know this is random and has nothing to do with this quilt (which if very cool by the way!), but i saw this online fabric shop and it made me think of you:

Leslie said...

this is really did such a great job. i can not wait to see 2 and 3

jessica said...

Beautiful! I love this design and its combination of spontaneity, straight lines and circles, and the movement of color. Can't wait to see how you quilt it up.