Monday, 5 October 2009

Earlier Than Planned

Well, I got those pictures up earlier than planned, so you'll get the pre-finished product (binding still to be done)!

Here's a preview of the quilted burgundy baby quilt with the floating coins.

I planned to quilt on it Friday night, but when I picked up my free motion foot, the piece that goes above the needle-screw was broken off. How very strange. It didn't happen during sewing and hasn't been touched in the attachment storage box. Oh well, so I had to go to the quilt store the next morning to get a new foot. When I started sewing with it, strange things happened in the tips of the stippling loops - the top thread would skip three stitches and form a straight line across. See next picture for two examples:

I was planning to blog about it and ask for your opinion, but I figured out later that the foot needed oiling because the spring that pushes the foot down to hold the fabric during sewing was stuck. I think that caused the missed top/bottom thread connections in the corner. It didn't happen after oiling the foot, but by then I had ripped out bad loops for the 4th time in a 10 cm section, phew!

The back is a pink flanelette and the binding a matching pink/burgundy peacock feather print.


Crispy said...

Oh Sunshine, that is just beautiful, your quilting really makes the coins pop. You clever girl, figuring out the foot needed to be oiled. It's a shame you had to take out so many stitches though.


Nanci said...

Whoa, you sure put a quilt together well! I love how the coins really stand out. We become mechanics when sewing is involved don't we?

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

Very lovely.