Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Here's A Useful Trick

For those of you who, like me, don't have long-arm quilting machines, here's a trick to avoid pushing masses of quilts through the sewing machine during quilting: Rita described really well how to join two quilted quilt halves on her blog. Go check it out and admire her beautiful mermaid quilt while you're at it! A permanent link to Rita's tutorial is in the Quilty How-Tos menu on the right :)


karenfae said...

I have seen this done only in smaller sections. This one lady that I use to know showed how to do this more in pieces I think she did a queen size and she did about 8 pieces and then put them together. It makes for a little more hand sewing but it must be even easier to get through the machine. I always told her if I ever had to quit hand quilting or finally had too many tops to quilt that I would most likely choose this way to do it.

Anne at said...

My Mom did some hand quilting on a block of the month thing and I put them together this way. It worked great!