Monday, 12 October 2009

Oops, Another New WIP...

When inspiration strikes, it should not be ignored - that's my motto!

I was tired of hand-stitching the binding on the character quilt and also fed up with working on a quilt I'm making on commission for a work colleague - it's been intense quilting on that project all weekend. So I browsed some blogs and found this one, which I'd bookmarked and always wanted to adapt to my own fabrics.

Well, there was nothing stopping me really - it's the beauty of quilting, you work on whatever you feel like! No deadlines (generally), no pressure.

So out of this

and this

came this draft layout:

It was quickly turned into rows of squares

then the quilt top center

and 1-2-3 there's the quilt top finished!

Size approx. 31"x43"

Yay for another work in progress :)


Crispy said...

You must alway strike while the creative juices are flowing...thus I have lots of new WIPs but it's so much fun. A very cute little quilt!!


Cristin said...

What a great little quilt! Over the next few days i'll be stitching together a top out of about 140 squares... I think its theraputic :-)
Well done! I also have a ton of WIPS, but hey, what quilter doesn't?!