Friday, 30 October 2009

Call Me Crazy :)

EDIT:  The blue in the background of the quilt isn't as different as it looks here - it's actually all the same shade, but I think there was a slight different  on the front vs back of the fabric, which I didn't notice at the time.  Not this bad though :)

As you can see by these strange lines, I basted with thread instead of pins this time.

Because I've decided that I need to spend LOTS of time with this quilt since I'm in love with it and want to bond properly.

So I will be hand-quilting this puppy :) Wahoo!

I just went to my former quilting teachers to borrow here snap-quilt-frame - I'll give it a try, since this quilt is a bit big for lap quilting

Here's the backing fabric - it's just as soft as the front fabric, though it's not from the same line. It was a steal at 3$/m!

Good night lovely quilt! (The instructions said to remove the snaps so the quilt can breathe, oh dear :) I assume they mean 'so it doesn't crease' haha!


karenfae said...

if I plan on using my smaller hoop instead of my 3 roller I prefer to thread baste also. The pins go faster but I think the thread holds it evenly better and the pins tend to get in the way. The quilt sure looks good, I like the design.

Crispy said...

This is going to be a lovely quilt. What type of quilting pattern(s) do you plan to do?


Anne at said...

That quilt is going to be a stunning quilt! Love the backing fabric for it. I can't wait to see it all hand quilted!

Katie B. said...


LynCC said...

(Bored tonight, so I've been surfing old posts on some blogs in my blogroll.) This is such a cool quilt! Did you ever get it quilted, or is it waiting for the right time? :)