Thursday, 24 September 2009

Side Note

I just revamped my blog a bit, in case you're looking for a familiar feature:

My blog list is now at the bottom, since I'm probably the primary user.

I've deleted the label section, way too big - instead...

... I've added a list of my completed, planned and in-progress quilts.

Probably best of all, I'm working on a How To list with tutorials by me and you, as I found I constantly had to go back to find the link to the ladder stitch for example, this way it's right there and handy!



karenfae said...

Looks good - I should add a list of in progress quilts to my side bar. Maybe when I get home from my daughters house next week.

Crispy said...

I like you new look. I'm going to have to remember to try that ladder stitch. I'm really interested in it for applique.


Nanci said...

Gee I just feel lucky to be able to download pictures let alone do the other stuff.
I better get educated a bit about computers...
Yours looks good to me, but the other was great too.
Oh I do like this better now that I've looked at it without bleeping myself out of the blog!